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Ship’s afloat – We’re OK

Maritime disasters are fortunately very rare considering the number of ship movements taking place across the world but is your ship slowly sinking? In business we are so busy keeping abreast of the day to day activities we often don’t see that it is really, losing business to the competition and new innovative solutions. We are comforted by the fact that we are working so hard that in the end we will get our reward. Why transform a reliable business pattern.

Read this insight by Richard Edwards, Principal Analyst at Ovum.

 “Power has shifted to the digitally connected customer, and business models designed for a more predictable world are fast becoming redundant or uncompetitive. This is driving the need for organizations – irrespective of industry or sector – to become customer-adaptive.

A customer-adaptive enterprise is one that is able to remain persistently relevant to its customers or the communities it hopes to serve. It does this by being able to spot, capture and use the signals of change that are present in the oceans of data that surround us.”

The constant erosion of traditional business methods and delivery processes provides a threat and an opportunity to those who transform quickly and confidently into the new paradigm of lean execution through digital transformation. This FT article by Richard Walters gives a perspective to the issue. Transformation is crucial when digital disruption is the norm

The existing business probably hasn’t sunk, so there is time to focus on keeping this solution as a premium product for some customers, while at the same time transforming to a new online presence for a customer centric offering. Launch the lifeboat now!

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