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Where are you now ?

  • A free review of your venture, progress and viability.
  • Enterprise Status
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Progress Radar
  • Your Vision
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Where do you want to go?

  • Deciding what to do by looking at your market, and commercial viability
  • Market Analysis
  • Customer – Product Fit
  • Target Validation
  • Cost / Revenue Model
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How do you get there ?

  • Defining development paths to get dynamic results
  • Growth Planning
  • Roadmap
  • Mentoring
  • Your Choice
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Our Approach

Our overall goal is to move your business forward and we do this by first, critically assessing Where are you now? We are your critical friend, so we won’t be always agreeing with you or accepting your explanation or reasoning. By challenging and probing and looking for real evidence we can together get to the essence of the issue and assess the impact of any transition.

Only when we have clarified the issue can we start to build a robust and practical way of moving forward. For younger ventures we use the four session Where do you want to Go? service. More advanced ventures that are up and running, we use a more tailored and specific service that suit your needs How do you get there?


Our initial Enterprise Assessment is a free service unless you need help  having a critical viewpoint when filling out the questionnaire or you have trouble understanding the terms in the Business Canvas Model.

There are three pricing products, Executive, Manager and Mentor that we use to cost out our work with you. They are used to quantify the cost of the work undertaken and we use variations of these to quote on a Scope of Work that we produce for you.

Mentor services are on a one to one basis and can be used for individual sessions or on a regular basis to talk through issues.

Manager services have set session contents and outcomes where we look at your business or business expansion to determine its viability. The session rate are applied for contact and non-contact hours depending on the business size and complexity of the task.

Executive services are costed on an estimate of the work to be undertaken and can be multiples of all three product rates.

We use an external Payment service provider so we have no direct information about your financial details. This allows us to comply with all statutory regulations regarding your privacy and data handling.

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