Start up

Do you fit into one of these situations and want to know how to move forward?

  • Have an idea you want to pursue
  • You have developed an idea and are in the process of getting it started
  • You have an idea and you have started delivering early results but need more traction
  • Want to up scale the business but need to attract investors

Micro Enterprise

You have a business, with limited resources that have been delivering repeatable results for some time but now you want to:-

  • Expand the business along with same business model
  • Try a different approach to delivering results
  • Introduce a new product or service
  • Increase resources
  • Form an alliance with another company
  • Exit from the business

Small Medium Enterprise

The business is established and has been in operation for some time is wanting to, or forced to change direction without any clear way of moving forward.

  • We can impartially help the management team:
  • Map the causes and define the issues facing the business
  • Look at alternative, inspired, options available to counteract the issues
  • Develop courses of action to test the possible success of the alternative options
  • Come to a decision on the way forward
  • Define the work streams across the business activities to bring the option to fruition
  • Help the management control the progress of work in the work streams
  • Provide staff with mentoring to help them embrace the change

Company Business Unit

The enterprise business is fully developed with departments that handle core functions, Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR, IT as well as specialist units to deliver the products or services for your enterprise.

All the business processes and procedures have been established for some time but you need to get something done and these won’t help you deliver what you want, when you want it and you need some extra help.

We can partner with you as an experienced, non-biased, pair of safe hands to:

  • Provide additional support in the initial definition of the activity
  • Support the functions of existing project team members
  • Take over the role of team members
  • Carry out interviewing, requirements gathering, stakeholder viewpoints
  • Produce documentation and project planning charts

Social Enterprises

The social venture, either charity, NGO, community company, or similar, is focused on delivering social change to a disadvantaged sector and have had funding to cover the activity costs. You may be looking at the ability to run a self-sustaining operation or increased funding.

We can help you organise and structure a way forward to:

  • Articulate the social return on investment in order to justify ongoing investment
  • Look at alternative work streams that will return income and fit with your ethos
  • Plan the activities that will bring these new strategies to life
  • Help you energise your staff to attain new commercial skills

Case Studies

Potestas Management has worked with a variety of businesses types in a number of industry sectors. Our solutions have been tailored to get maximum advantage from the resources available to deliver a sustainable advantage.

You can read a few case studies here

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