Where do you want to go?

Once we have a common understanding of your venture and where you want to progress, we have developed a structured service, to look in more detail at the key components that will make that happen. We want to establish a clear picture of the viability of the new business development. We do this by looking in more detail in the following areas.

  • Market Analysis
  • Customer / Product Fit
  • Cost / Revenue
  • Target Viability
services, session, Market analysis, customer, product fit
services, session, cost, revenue, customer, validation

The questions we are intending to answer are:-

  • Where does your venture fit into the existing world?
  • What value does it bring to customers?
  • How do you find your customers?
  • Will prospects buy this product?
  • Can you make money out of this development?

Where possible, the minimum viable product (MVP) approach is used to identify real customers and learn from their engagement. The Lean Method of working cuts down on wasted product and service development time and reduces spend and resources.

Save time, worry and wasted energy, going in the wrong direction.

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