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Potestas Managing Director Gordon Hills has over three decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes. These include everything from startups with modest budgets and big ambitions, to major corporations, with a global reach, who have entrusted him with multi-million-pound budgets. Your business will benefit from a management consultant with a wealth of experience helping organizations’ move forward and achieve dynamic success.

What we can help you achieve

Business Ambition | Robust Structure | Reliable Delivery | Staged Expansion

Why Our Structured Approach Brings Results

Potestas uses clear decision making and organisational structuring to guide teams through transformational business initiatives. In practice, this means taking your ideas, aspirations and vision and applying them in practical work streams with clearly defined goals and results. Working with Potestas, your team will always dynamically expand their ideas, willingly collaborate to develop a realistic optimum delivery path, to speedily achieve your grand vision.

What we can help you achieve

Enlightened Changes | Staff Engagement | Clear Goals |Shared Work

Lean Methodology

– Significant Changes, Modest Expenditure –

Potestas uses the Lean Methodology, an efficient ‘validated learning’ method for testing new concepts when developing ventures. Lean is a relatively new approach that is something of a paradigm shift in the entrepreneurial world. It moves away from the traditional, corporate, larger scope, typically slower, incremental, stepped changes, to more dynamic iterative steps achieved with a smaller scope, nimbler approach, using inexpensive technology to disrupt conventional solutions.

What we can help you achieve

Validated Learning | Minimum Viable Product | Customer Traction | Light Touch Deployment

Embracing Change

-Getting Staff On Board-

Using well-developed presentation and communication skills, Potestas will form close relationships with staff, clearly defining overall strategy to chose the right direction before helping you enact changes.

During his career as a program manager and management consultant, he has assembled high-performing teams from across the globe, taking into account varying cultural norms and coordinating and leading major transformations, to deliver mission critical, value creating business growth .

What we can help you achieve

Visual Presentation | Expert Collaboration | Collective Wisdom| Enhanced Value 

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