Really helped me take the time to think about my own business needs and clarified how to get there. Thank you!

Anna Mitchel

I’ve learned a great deal and have a much clearer picture of the development avenues that best suit my business. I genuinely feel more confident in scaling my business. Many thanks.

Vahakn Houssian

After running the business for a decade, I’ve learned more about my fundamental marketing approach and customer target group, just by discussing the assessment questions. I now have a much clearer view of what to tackle. The key is of course in implementation – so delighted that you will be following up!

Eric Farley-Jones

The mentoring sessions with Gordon have increased my understanding of the start-up landscape and helped me clearly identify what kinds of approach are right for me. After going through the initial business analysis, I feel much more confident in approaching new markets to expand my product line. More work ahead.

Veronica Shakhli

The beauty of getting outside help is that I can discuss ideas in a safe environment and have a critical listener to test the possibility of doing something completely different and creative.

Nick Granger

We have been able to develop a completely new delivery model for our coaching to start-up management that would not have been possible doing it myself. It saved time, I think we have a better solution and a streamlined delivery approach.

Sarah Jotspun

I had been worrying for some time about my franchise, after the franchiser had been bought out. With the help of Potestas, suggesting to redevelop our sales processes and possible expansion into a new territory, we were able to hold on to our franchise and expand our business. I am really impressed with the results.

Marven Goodchild
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