Where are you now?

We work together to rapidly produce an Enterprise Assessment of your venture. By quickly establishing how your business model works and the progress you have made to develop the key functions, we can determine the sustainability of your existing venture and areas to investigate for growth.

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The Enterprise Status Assessment is a simple but powerful questionnaire to check your progress across key functional aspects of your venture. The questions are scored out of 3 and each aspect out of 9, to give quantitative view of your progress. These assessments should be carried out by discussing the questions with someone who has a critical business viewpoint.

Once we receive the questionnaire results we produce a Progress Radar to illustrate what your functional development looks like, for easy reference. We use your details to send this to you, ready for further discussion. All for FREE.

We ask you to produce a Business Model Canvas to describe the key functions of your venture and we use the Strategyzer, Business Model Canvas as the basis for this overview.  The purpose of this review is to understand your ventures’ activities and how they fit together with your ‘secret sauce’. It is quick and easy if you are familiar with business terms and activities.

Your Vision

The Enterprise Status Assessment and the Business Canvas Model allow us to ‘get on the same page’ with your activities and we are better informed to talk to you in more depth about your Vision. What do you want to achieve? This is our shared goal from now on and our commitment to get you there.

Through probing into your current situation and understanding your vision we identify broad areas that will need further development. We can structure our services to craft a way forward based on your resources and budget.

If this is all alien to you, don’t worry, we can guide you through the process to ensure there is clear picture of your business, it produces results.